Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thank You Mary!

A thank you cake for a coworker who got shafted by our employer. We all recently had to rebid for our positions, and she lost her permanent day shift charge nurse postion, and now is working nights. The sad thing about this is that she is a remarkable nurse, charge nurse, woman...she will be missed in her position, and the department will suffer because of this change.....Thanks Management...(not!).

Anyways, this cake is modelled after the gift bag beside it...I ended up doing the stripes late last night, and this morning realized how imperfect they looked. But do like the overall of the cake. The cake will be topped with fresh daisies when we reach it's final destination...

The top cake is turtle, and the bottom is vanilla with strawberry filling and lemon icing.

Once again, and from the bottom of my heart...Thank You Mary. You will be missed, you are appreciated and I am sorry for this change.


  1. Poor, Mary! That cake looks great, you're a great co-worker for doing that for her.

    Anyway, I really love the design and the colors are gorgeous!

  2. Aw thats sad! But what a beautiful cake!

  3. This is a really sweet cake and post. I love that you showed your appreciation in form of a cake and I'm sorry she lost her position. You are a great friend.