Saturday, August 8, 2009

Royal Icing Brushed Embroidery

Practicing some more....I did go overboard with the design a little, I envisioned it a little more simple, but I continued with the flowers for practice. I think it's pretty, and am excited to do more of it. This chocolate fondant was difficult to roll out, so ended up being pretty thick....the recipe is in the previous post...I think the trick to this is to not frigerate it and using it either the day you make it or soon's super yummy.

The cake is a chocolate chip pound cake (from Whimsical Bakehouse), filled with a whipped milk chocolate ganache (that I didn't make enough of...note to self, half recipe is not enough for a 3 layer cake) so is filled scantly. I crumb coated the cake with a poured ganache. I'll post a pic after we cut into it for dinner (I've been on a diet for 3 weeks, tonight is a treat meal...can't wait).

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