Friday, December 18, 2009

Strawberry Mojito Buttercream to the Max...

I know that I have posted a recipe for straw mojito buttercream, but this is revised, this is better. Of course it's more complicated, because that seems to be the way I roll....but no matter, it's worth the extra effort.

The reason I've been playing around with this recipe is that I wanted to be able to infuse more strawberry puree into the buttercream. A single recipe of American buttercream won't hold more than 3/4 cup of the puree without deflating, or curdling. Also, I couldn't get more than that into Swiss meringue buttercream....BUT....if you make a half recipe of both, and then combine them in the can put an entire batch of strawberry puree into the mix and still have a good thick buttercream that won't deflate....
So here's what I did....
Macerated Strawberry Mojito mix
1 quart strawberries, washed, hulled and coarsely chopped
pinch salt
1/2 Tbsp finely chopped fresh mint
1/2 lime zest
1/2 lemon zest
1/4 lime juice
1/4 lemon juice
1 Tbsp rum
Mix and let sit for at least an hour in the fridge. puree when ready to use (I like to keep some chunks in there).

American Buttercream
2 sticks unsalted butter softened
4 cups powdered sugar
pinch salt
pinch flour
1/2 to 3/4 cup strawberry puree
Cream sugar, add powdered sugar, salt and flour and beat until incorporated, slowly add it...don't add too can add more later....beat until incorporated.

Swiss Meringue Buttercream
4 egg whites
1 cup sugar
1/4 tsp cream of tartar
3 sticks unsalted butter, softened and cut into Tbsp chunks
In heatproof bowl over pan of simmering water, whisk egg whites, sugar and CofT until mixture reaches 160 degrees. Transfer mixture to stand mixer bowl (OR, you can heat your egg mixture in the same bowl, just wiping the bottom of the bowl off after heating).

With whisk attachment, beat mixture on high speed for approx 8-10 minutes, until mixture has soft peaks and is cool (I know it's ready when I take the whisk off and the meringue on the beater when I remove it looks like and eagles beak). Put on blade attachment and on med speed slowly add butter. when all the butter is in, turn mixer up to med high and beat until you start hearing a change in the consistency (like a slap slap on the side of the bowl). now on low speed add approx 1 cup of the puree (OH....MAKE SURE THIS PUREE IS AT ROOM TEMP, OR YOU'LL HAVE A CURDLED MESS ON YOUR HANDS) turn up mix and beat until incorporated.

NOW.....mix the two buttercreams together, beat until incorporated, then add the rest of your puree (if you want to)....enjoy!

note...I made this the night before I needed it, when I wanted to use it the next day, I put it in the KA, and it looked curdled....I beat it with the whisk attachment on high for a few minutes...and presto, it was beautiful again.


  1. What are the measurements of the lime and lemon zest and the juice in the macerated strawberry mix? It's is TBSP or just 1/2 of the lime?

  2. Yes, it's just half a limes zest and half a limes juice.....

  3. Thanks! I can't wait to try this! I just found your site and absolutely love it! Keep up the awesome job!