Sunday, August 1, 2010

Dahlia cake and cuppies...

Technically not dahlia cupcakes, but close enough...In the natural light the color of the ribbon and the gumpaste dahlia matched, so it's disturbing to me that they don't in the picture.


  1. Beeeeeeeeautiful!!!! Care to share how you did them? I need dahlias on a cake this weekend! =<

  2. Your dahlias are gorgeous!What cutter did you use?

  3. Thanks guys! I used a combination of cutters...I started with daisy cutters then progressed into dahlia and mongolia cutters by D & G...I cut and viened each petal then rolled them cala lily style (using pieces of saran wrap to help them hold their shape), I made the center with a wire inserted and put a couple of rows of daisies around it, let it dry upside down...then worked the dahlia petals one row at a time staring with the last...when I got to the last of the dahlia petals I inserted the center....hope that helps, I actually had to go thru quite a few before I made one I didn't throw at the wall!!!