Saturday, February 18, 2012

Valentines Day 2012

From top to bottom: chocolate strawberry, salted turtle, and Hot Damn! (That's my current fave, and its adapted from Fields of Cake Vinnie's a dark chocolate chipotle cake with a "Hot Damn schnapps" caramel filling, frosted with a cinnamon ermine and topped with more hot damn caramel...topped with a chunk of my fave dark's infused with cinnamon, chipotle, salt and POP ROCKS!)
My chocolate strawberry...choc cake with strawberry buttercream filling, topped with dark ganache and a homemade choc dipped strawberry.
the line up from left to hot velvet, chocolate chocolate, white chocolate cream cheese with strawberry icing and my vanilla vanilla.
white chocolate cream cheese cake with strawberry frosting and a white chocolate dipped strawberry. The chocolate cake is my dark chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream and a homemade chocolate cookie.

Red Hot velvet in the forefront there. This is a family favorite. It's my red velvet cake studded with mini chocolate chips, topped with cinnamon ermine and a little chocolate heart and red hot.

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